Sunday, December 13, 2009

Follow your Passion

I know I usually write about the best way to make money passively online, but while making money is great and all, one should also remember that money doesn't make you happy. Everyone I know complains about their job for one big reason: how much of their time it eats up, not allowing them to do other things. Yes, there's also the big "my boss sucks" and "I'm just sick of being there," but beyond all that, people miss their time.

Some people wait until they're retired to finally chase their dreams, be it building a boat and sailing the seas, or writing that autobiography they've always been planning. I don't think that's right - I think it's great they're chasing what they want, as it seems a lot of people forget their original dreams, but I think they're doing it too late in life. Life is not meant to be working 9-5 until you're too tired to go on anymore, THEN have a bit of enjoyment in your life. No, not one bit.

I believe that everyone has a passion for a reason - and that forgetting it to follow the world's common belief that you need a job from ages 18-67 is denying yourself the happiness you deserve.

I'm not saying you should up and quit your job and live life without any income by any means - I'm saying that people need to work to achieve more than just an early retirement - they need to work to free their time. I thoroughly believe that anyone can set up enough passive income sources to be able to quit within 5 years if they're tight with their budget, and that's without becoming a "15 megabytes of fame" internet hit.

What's more, I believe that the vast majority, if not all, of peoples desires can be profitable. An artist can sell their work, a videographer can post things online on sites that will pay him to, such as, which pays you a percent of the advertisements profit. Someone who enjoys photoshopping things can create images and put them on websites that allow people to pay to use your work. There are so many options out there for everyone, and while it may not be easiest, anyone and everyone can start doing what they love *today* and eventually make profit from it.

It may not make you rich quick, but it can make you rich eventually. So please, follow your passion and be happy. Be proud of what you do, and work to finally free yourself from the daily chore of going to work.

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