Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zazzle and Cafepress

I'm writing today about another way of making money online that I actually like. While this has not been the most profitable online venture of mine, it does create a good amount of passive income without me having to do much, and I'm always a fan of that.

Zazzle and Cafepress are two websites that allow you to create upload designs and sell them on T-shirts. You get a percent of the total price whenever your design sells. Usually this is only about 10%, but on Zazzle you're able to increase that amount; this also increases the price, however, so I don't really suggest going much higher. I'm not sure if Cafepress let's you do the same, as I am not a member of Cafepress at the moment. I have, however, been a member of Zazzle for quite some time.

Both of these websites work with no inventory. Every time someone orders a shirt, it gets printed on the spot, and shipped automatically. You don't have to do a thing, and there's no giant warehouse somewhere that you have to empty of your products.

Creating content is incredibly easy as well, as both sites walk you through it rather nicely, and you basically just pick and image or type some text, center it how you want, and hit OK.
Your designs do have to be original though - for instance, you can't put Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin on a shirt without it getting removed.

If you're not the best at creating content, you can also do associate advertising - when people go to Zazzle with your associate advertising link, anything they buy within the next 45 days gets you a small portion of money for bringing them there. Again, I'm uncertain if CafePress has a similar system in place, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do. Some day I'll join there and update the information in this post.

Are they going to make you rich overnight? Probably not.
Are they worth it? Definitely. It's nice to put a few designs up there every now and then, leave it, and come back a month or two later and see you can withdraw money.
Unfortunately, Zazzle will only let you withdraw when you reach $25, but if you get enough good looking designs up, this wont take too long to hit.

Good luck out there everyone, hope you make some profit.

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