Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mandatory Introduction!

Hello, and welcome to the Highly Mandatory Introduction to "That Extra Buck," my new blog involving money, and more importantly, how to make some.

More specific than that, however, this blog will be about me trying various methods found in various locations. I've already tried plenty, and will be trying more as this blog progresses.

I'm specifically hoping to be able to help other people online find ways to make money for themselves, and achieve financial freedom.

I'll be touching on many methods, from affiliate advertising, to surveys, to... well, anything I stumble upon, and anything that's suggested to me.

So, as our reader base grows I should hopefully get some online money making 'scams' to play with.

For the time being, however, I'd prefer not to have any that have a large initial investment, and will try to post on ones that cost nothing to start for my first few posts.

All right? Then off I go to get this blog started ;-)

See ya at the next post!

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